Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Season in the Wasatch

Its been another amazing season in the Wasatch this year. Perhaps not quite as much snow as last season, but plenty of big storms followed by bluebird days. Its the kind of combination that makes you never want to leave. We've been busy skiing and shooting photos and here's some of the fruit of our "labor" so far...
This is Brook Golling taking full advantage of the nice soft landing left by the last storm (near Twin Lakes Pass, just outside Solitude's rope line)

Sonja sampling the white smoke on Tom's Hill on the north side of Big Cottonwood Canyon.
This is Kelley Paasch enjoying a long, deep ride in White Pine above Little Cottonwood Canyon. We had to break trail for most of the day, but this was some of the best snow conditions I've ever seen...and we didn't see another soul

Sonja making it look easy on an afternoon tour in USA Bowl. These were the last rays of good sunlight before the leading edge of the next storm rolled in from the southwest.

Brook Golling skiing the Pinnacle on Fantasy Ridge at Solitude. This picture doesn't even begin to tell the whole story. Check out the whole sequence on our flickr photostream here.

Darren Yandorf rippin early morning in Milk Run at Solitude

And later in Black Forest...
Sonja in the aspens of the east side of Reynolds Peak in the Big Cottonwood backcountry
A "busy" Saturday morning in the backcountry of Big Cottonwood Canyon

Matt Parmer making turns on Patsy Marley, Little Cottonwood Canyon

First Officer Eric Moles just after take-off...
Matt Parmer laying down the carve in the Little Cottonwood Canyon Backcountry

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